Sunday, 12 January 2014


Heyy!! This is my first post in 2014. I took a little break from blogging, but now I am back to stay.
We didn't have a white Christmas here in Estonia this year, which is very unusual. The weather was way too warm and rainy for December and January, but yesterday winter hit us. It got cold and started snowing. Now it feels like January.
Today I'm wearing a very casual outfit. I mixed a tough khaki green shirt with a softer light pink top. I love the contrast between these two. To keep the outfit simple, I wore my favourite tight black Zara pants and a small See by Chloé black bag and studded black Francesco Milano boots.

Wearing: Top, shirt: H&M/ pants: Zara/ bag: See by Chloé/boots: Francesco Milano

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Farewell to the fairground

Hellooo!! I'm so sorry for not posting for a whole WEEK, but it was a crazy week at school. I'm doing so well at school this year, yayy!!:) Time is flying by so fast, I can't believe today's already Thursday and the weekend starts tomorrow.
Another reason for not posting is that it's so dark all the time. Most of the days by the time  I leave school, the sun has already set and it's too dark to take pictures. On Monday I went to school when it was still completely dark and left when it was already completely dark. I hate it!
In my opinion, black, white and red(maybe mixed with some khaki green or denim blue) is this season's main colour palette. Maybe it's because plaid is so in or Christmas is near. :) Anyway, I decided to experiment a bit with these colours. I'm wearing a black and white striped sweater with a black leather shirt, black boots and my essential warm parka. I also have red lipstick on. I hadn't used red lipstick in such a long time, but I tried it again now and I really like it. So I guess you'll be seeing lots of me wearing red lipstick from now on :)

Wearing: Sweater, skirt, coat, bracelets, bag: H&M/ boots: Diesel

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cozy sweater

Hiii!! I can feel that winter is close every day, because it's getting colder and the air is already quite icy, but it has been quite sunny and a little bit warmer the past two days. And by warm I mean about 7° C. But last year this time it was already snowing, so this year is pretty warm.
Although it's a little bit warmer, I've still dug up all my comfy and cozy sweater. This burgundy sweater is one of my favourites, it's so cushy. I combined it into a very simple outfit with a denim shirt, black pants, sneakers and a black bag.

Wearing: shirt, bracelet, bag: H&M/ sneakers: Vans/ sweater: Pull&Bear/ pants: Zara/ watch: Fossil

Friday, 8 November 2013

Two braids

Hellooo! I'm so glad the week is finally over, now I can have a nice and relaxing weekend, watch some movies, TV series, catch up on my reading and just rest.
Today I have a really fun hairstyle. I put my hair in a ponytail and then braided two little braids of it. I think it's a good change to the regular one braid.
I'm wearing my boyfriend jeans with a shirt that I wore a lot last summer and I dug it up today. I love its vintage'y feel. I also like outfits that have some contrast and this one has contrast between the light and colourful shirt and jeans and the black details. I also adore how the blue flowers on the shirt match the colour of the jeans.

Wearing: Shirt, pants, bag, bracelets: H&M/ blazer: Takko Fashion/ shoes: Vans/ earrings: Pimkie

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Grunge, but proper for school

Hiii!! It feels very late-wintery here in Estonia. It is constantly raining and getting colder colder every day. As much as I don't want it to, it's becoming quite impossible to take pictures outside in the freezing weather. :(
Today I'm trying out this 90's inspired grunge-punky style that is very popular this season and that I really love. But I still had to look proper for school, I have to leave the braver experiments for the weekends. I wore a red plaid shirt with light beige pants. To punk it up, I added a chain necklace, beanie hat and creeper-like sneakers. Plus a warm black coat (that actually has some red plaid material inside) against the icy air and rain. What do you think of this look?

Wearing: Shirt: Bershka/ pants, bag: Gina Tricot/ coat: Stradivarius/ hat: Stradivarius/ necklace: Lindex/ bracelets: H&M

Saturday, 2 November 2013

London part 2

If my last post was about our second day in London, this was is about the first and last days.
The first day we arrived at Stansted airport at about 1 o'clock, but it took us almost 3 hours to get from the aircraft to our hotel. Getting through passport control, going from the airport to the city train and then from the station to our hotel by metro. In Tallinn we were home in 15 minutes.
Firstly we went to a Starbucks shop right next to our hotel :) .
We stayed at a hotel in Notting Hill right next to Notting Hill Gate. When we got there, the first scare was that our room was in the basement. But actually it was okay. The room was very nice, big and modern and there was still a window.
On the first day we went to Piccadilly street to have dinner at a restaurant where our friend had worked and then to the theatre. We went to see Mamma Mia musical at Novello thetre. It was an extremely fun night. The musical was so entertaining and the actors were all excellent and sang really well.
On the last day we had to start going to the airport at 2 o'clock. So first we had breakfast at Pret A Manger (I think we went there about 5 times in 3 days:) ) and then went to see St Paul's Cathedral. It was so beautiful.
Next we rode to Liverpool street station where we caught our train later and walked to Brick Ln. We got completely lost and found ourselves in the middle of a business district, but not the bohemian Shoreditch neighbourhood. After straying around for about an hour, we finally found Brick Lane! It had such a cool vibe and it was full of delicious curry places. And we went to a really nice little cross-street where was this super cool vintage shop. I regret it so much that I didn't have my camera in my hand while visiting these two streets.
After that we went to Liverpool street station and back to the airport. That was the end of our quick and intense trip.
It was such a fantastic trip and I already want to go back there. I think my big dream of moving to New York City to study is being replaced with a new dream. A London dream.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

London part 1

Last week I visited London, UK! I went there with my mother and without my little 1 year and 4 months old brother. It was my mum's first time travelling without him.
We were in London from Monday to Wednesday, so for 2 nights, 1 full day and two half days. It was a really quick and intense trip.
This post is about our second day there, the full day. Then we went shopping on Oxford street and did some touristic sightseeing. Luckily we reached Oxford street quite early in the morning(about 10 o'clock) and it wasn't very crowded yet, but by the afternoon it was full of people.
When we had tired ourselves with shopping, we walked from Oxford street to Westminster to see the Big Ben. Neither of us are very good at finding something in a strange city, so we got a little bit lost. But we were still able to reach the Palace of Westminster. Although I had seen it before, it was breathtaking and spectacular.
After seeing the Big Ben, we took the tube to the Tower of London and Tower bridge, because we just couldn't walk any more. I hadn't seen these two sight before and I really liked Tower bridge. We reached it when it was just starting to get dark, so the light were already on and it was beautiful. Near the bridge we could also see two famous skyscrapers - the Shard and the Gherkin.
After the exhausting day we ate at a Jamie Oliver's restaurant near our hotel and went to sleep early, about 9 o'clock local time.
Eelmisel nädalal külastasin ma Londonit, Inglismaad! Ma käisin seal koos oma emaga ja ilma oma väikese aasta ja neljakuuse vennata. Mu ema oli esimest kora ilma temata reisil.
Me olime Londonis esmaspäevast kolmapäevani, seega 2 ööd, ühe terve päeva ja kaks poolikut päeva. See oli väga kiire ja intensiivne reis.
See postitus on meie teisest, tervest päevast seal. Siis me käisime Oxford street'il šoppamas ja külastasime turistilikult vaatamisväärsusi. Õnneks jõudsime me Oxford street'ile üpris vara hommikul(umbes 10 ajal) ja seal ei olnud veel eriti palju inimesi, aga pärastlõunaks oli tänav paksult rahvast täis.
Kui me olime ennast šoppamisega ära väsitanud, jalutasime Oxford street'ilt Westminsterisse Big Ben'i vaatama. Me kumbki ei ole eriit hea võõras linnas orienteerumises, nii et me eksisime natukene ära. Aga õnneks jõudsime ikkagi kohale. Kuigi ma olin Big Beni varem näinud, oli see ikkagi väga võimas.
Peale Big Ben'i vaatamist sõitsime me metrooga Tower of Londonit ja Tower Bridge'i vaatama, sest me ei jaksanud lihtsalt enam ühtegi kilomeetrit kõndida. Ma ei olnud neid vaatamisväärsusi varem näinud ja mulle meeldis Tower bridge väga. Me jõudsime selleni siis, kui hakkas juba vaikselt pimedaks minema ja kõik tuled olid juba põlema pandud ning see oli imekaunis. Silla juurest nägime ka kahte kuulsat pilvelõhkujat - the Shard'i ja the Gherkin'it.
pärast seda ülimalt väsitavat päeva sõime oma hotelli lähedal asuvas Jamie Oliveri restoranis ja läksime vara magama(kohaliku aja järgi 9 ajal).

Probably the most touristic shot you can take in London:)