Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hi readers! Welcome to my new address. It's nice that you've found me:).
The weather got bad again, which is really sad, but today was a happy day for me. I hanged out with nice people and found out something really great, which I can't talk about yet. I went to the premiere of Snow White And the Huntsman in the evening with Anu and her friend and it was quite scary, but interesting:)
Right now I'm really tense, because it's already 11 o'clock and I still have to blog + do some designs for my mom's restaurant. BUSY BUSY BUSY:)
Anyways, today I wore a denim skirt, a cropped top + dark blue cardigan and a bracelet with studs. I'm sorry, but I don't have a certain trend to talk about today, I'm just in such a hurry. Really sorry guys. But I'm gonna post something really special soon, so stay tuned:)
Today's pics:

Photos by: Anu


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