Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Little birthday party

Hey guys! Today was a very busy day, because today was the birthday party we were organizing yesterday. As soon as I was ready, we went to the birthday girl's house and put everything ready for the games plus shared all the prizes.
We did that until three o'clock, when the party started. It went very good and seemed like everyone was having a great time. The birthday girl even said, that it was her best birthday party, so I'm very happy, she's happy :)
After the birthday I came to my mum's house. Now I have just been hanging out with my brother and watching football. My brother is getting cuter and prettier every day, he is SO cute today:)
Anyways. today I wore a black dress with a golden sweater, opened black shoes and added pink lips + my leather jacket. Golden sweaters are quite popular for some time. It's not a huge trend, like neon or lace shorts or something like that, but I like golden sweater very much.
Here are today's pictures:

With my sweet little birthday girl:)
Photos by: Anu

A few pictures of golden sweaters:


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