Saturday, 22 September 2012

Special sweater

Hiii!! I haven't posted in SUCH a long time:(. But I'm staying at my mom's house and my little magic photographer Anu is at my dad's apartment. Today I came here, because I had some free time. And we took blog pictures!!:)
Lately I've been just going to school and to the gym and everything and really not wearing anything worth posting too.
I'm so happy todaaay. I slept for 11 hours last night and I'm just so lively and the sun is shining and everything is so good right now in my life. I'm also very happy about finally doing a new fashion post.
Last Saturday we celebrated my dad's 40th birthday at a bohemian restaurant in Tallinn. There were so many people. I found a good occasion to wear my new yellow tight mini dress and studded shoes. I'll post some pictures of that too.
But today I'm wearing a very special sweater. My mom knitted it about 20 years ago, when she was still in school. We found it yesterday while cleaning up my closet and I thought it's so beautiful and decided to wear it today. I also wore a pair of white cat eye sunglasses. Well, they're not exactly cat eye, but a little bit. This sunglasses style is also today's big trend. Hope you like the outfits!! :)

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Click for more pictures of today's outfit, my dad's birthday party and trend pics!

Photos by: Anu

Sweater: knitted by my mom, pants: Bershka, bag: H&M, shoes: little shop in Paris, sunglasses: Lindex

Dad's birthday party:

With daddy:)

Photos by: Anu and Mann

Dress, ring, bag: H&M, bracelet: Seppälä, blazer: Takko fashion

Trend pictuuures:



  1. Lovely post! you look so cute =)love your sweater =)
    visit me:


    1. Thank you K. love your blog so much. The best of luck.


  2. Where are the sunnies from the 4th pic? They are just awesome! Your sweater is funky too!

    1. Thank you so much.:) The sunglasses are from the Swedish line Lindex, I guess I forgot to write that.

      Hope you have a great day,
      xx Kaisa