Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunny Genoa

A week ago we went to Genoa, a large port city next to the Mediterranean sea, with my mom and baby brother. It’s only 250 km away from our home and we looked at the weather forecast that it was gonna be very warm, over 15 degrees there, but when we had only 50 km to go and it was still snowy and about 0 degrees, we weren't so sure about that. But after the Alp mountains ended, came the Apennine mountains and it was actually over 16 degrees and very sunny and warm in Genoa.
The city was really really really beautiful: it was right next to the sea, but there were still mountains, so the views of the hillside houses right next to water was gorgeous.
The first day, we walked around the old town part and also visited the old port. There was a children’s Christmas market in the old town and it was really really cute, so many little kids selling things they had made themselves.
The next day, we went to the Genovese aquarium, the largest in Europe. There were so many different weird fish. One species was over 2 meters long and really big and scary. I think I've been to bigger ones in Asia, but that was really awesome too.
As I've said a million times, the city was very beautiful, but the people weren't as nice as in the other Italian cities and villages we have visited. We were always scared that someone was gonna steal our stuff. But fortunately nothing like that happened.
After visiting the aquarium, we drove to the beautiful Italian riviera, which I’m gonna talk about in my next post.
I also want to talk about the outfit I wore the first day in Genoa. As it was warm and sunny, I wore a black dress, which is so basic and has served my very well. I wore a white furry vest over the dress and a black jacket over the vest. I love layering in the winter. To feel even warmer, I had woolen knee socks under brown boots. I accessorized the outfit with black bracelets, small black bag and aviator sunglasses.
Hope you like it all:

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There were sooo many palm trees:)

dress, jacket: Zara, vest, knee socks, bag, bracelets: H&M, sunglasses: Mango, boots: Hilfiger

Walking around Genoa:

The most famous square in Genoa, piazza de Ferrari

The aquarium:

The view from the aquarium
Photos by: me and my mom

Merry Christmas!!
xx Kaisa

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