Friday, 24 August 2012

Blending in with the rain

Hellooo! The weather is bad. Like really really bad. I guess fall's coming:(. It's constantly raining and the sky is all grey. I realized today, that I have to go to school in A WEEK. Summer break went through so quickly. It wasn't even warm enough to be summer.
As I told you, we went to Helsinki on Wednesday. Of course it was really fun, I love shopping:). Plus we had such great company. Visiting the amusement park Linnanmäki was also very fun, I even took the scariest ride I thought I didn't have the courage to take, so I'm very proud of myself.
Yesterday we went to see te new Batman with Anu. The movie was really great. I didn't know that it is 3 hours long, so I was very surprised, when I looked at the time after the movie. I recommend it to everyone.
Today I went shopping for school stuff with my mum and baby brother. I don't want to use theem:(.
Right now we're watching Miss World 2012, although Estonia is not competing. Why are they wearing so hideous dresses?
Today I wore very casual dark clothes because of the rain: black jeans, denim jacket, a purple Joy Division top, sneakers and a small black bag with studs. I LOVE denim jackets. They're really easy to mix with plus I think they look really cool. They're also very trendy and popular right now, so they're today's fashion trend.
We even took today's photos in the rain, outside. Anu really wanted to shoot in the rain and I thought 'why not'.

More pictures of my outfit + cool denim jacket trends after the link

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Interview with Austrian fashion blogger Kate

This is something very special, I've been wanting to do for a long time. It's my first interview! It's with one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Kate from The Style Department. I really love her blog, because her posts are very down-to-earth and she knows the latest fashion trends. I asked her 15 questions and she was kind enough to answer them all!

Voyager Fashion: Why do you like blogging?
Kate: I like blogging because it gives me an outlet for my interest in fashion. A lot of my friends aren’t interested in fashion the way I am, so it also gives me the opportunity to virtually meet like-minded people.

VF: How long have you been blogging?
K: I have been blogging for about 4-5 months, and I am really enjoying it.

You want to see the whole interview? Click:

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Ciao! It's so good to be back home. All my clothes are here:). And I know the whole city.
Today I had to do a biology project, so we went to the forest to pick some plants and leaves and stuff. Now we are at my dad's house with, Anu, Laura and my friend Hellu. We are having so much fun together, everyone is so nice, especially Hellu:). We are also going to Helsinki tomorrow all together. Every year my dad gives us a trip to Helsinki to shop and we also visit the amusement park Linnanmäki. It's gonna be so much fun!!!!!!!
I'm finally posting a new fashion post! I have been looking for a good maxi skirt since spring and I finally decided to buy this black see-through skirt. I really really wanted to wear it today, although we went to the forest. I also wore a simple T-shirt, a white jacket, colorful bracelets, a black ring, my usual black sandals and a black striped bag. Obviously today's trend is maxi skirts. These are so popular and beautiful. I really like pleated ones too. I'll post a lot of pictures.

Click on "read more" for more pictures of my outfit + gorgeous maxi skirts

Monday, 20 August 2012

DIY: Men's T-shirt

Hi everyone!!! Ohhh, I've missed my dear blog so so much. I'm now FINALLY back home and back from my road trips. After the Scandinavian road trip we went on an Estonian road trip with an RV and I didn't have a computer + anything to post about. But now things are going back to normal, I think I'll even do an outfit pots tomorrow. Well, I'm actually doing two different special things and this is one of them.
It's my first ever DIY(Do It Yourself). I got this big men's T-shirt from Sweden and I cut off the sleeves. I can actually wear it now. I tie a knot in it and it actually looks like a nice top. I'll definitely do an outfit post with it very soon.


Monday, 13 August 2012

Pink bubblegum gurl

Hi everyone!! It's been incredibly long since my last fashion post:(. I'm terribly sorry for that, but I was away on my road trip and wore just very easy comfortable outfits. I'll do a big vacation post, when I get all the pictures(there are many).
So, after the road trip I went to my mum's work place's summer days event(suvepäevad in Estonian) and afterwards we were supposed to go on an Estonian tour with a RV we borrowed from a friend, but as we were passing Pärnu, I decided to stay here for a couple of days because I got tired of being on the road every day.
I was last in Tallinn on the 5th and I'm going back on the 23rd and I would really love to get some things from home, but unfortunately that's not possible.
Okay, enough about what I've been doing, this is still a fashion blog:). This outfit I wore today is not one of my favorites, but I still decided to post it. I wore a floral print top(floral print again), a pair of white jeans, a pink cardigan, my pink beach bag, a gray headband with leopard print and Anu's really weird flip flops(I didn't have any shoes that matched the outfit and she borrowed me these). I'm posting on my phone because I don't have my computer with me, so it would be really hard to add trend pictures + I don't really have one today. The shoot I with William and he looks really cute, as always:)

Ps! I have some really great different things coming up soon on this blog!;)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Road trip day 4: first time in Lithuania

Sveiki! Right now we're in Vilnius, Lithuania. We came to Lithuania yesterday night by a ship. Most Estonians have been to Lithuania, because it's so close to us, but it's my first time, so I was very excited.
Today we drove from Klaipeda to Vilnius through Kaunas. I really wanted to see the old town of Kaunas, but we couldn't find it. We only saw this ugly neighbourhood that looked like Mustamäe in Tallinn.
We also visited a castle in Trakai. That was really beautiful, on an island.
In Vilnius we visited a water park. Anu really wanted to go there. Then we checked in at our hoteland came to the city centre/old town to have dinner.
Tomorrow we're going back to Estonia. Then we're going to an Estonian road trip with my mum's family. I'll see Jakob and William tomorrow!!!:)
I'll also add some pictures!!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Road trip day 2: beautiful Bornholm island

Hi everyone! Today we arrived to the beautiful Danish island Bornholm. There was a big storm on the sea, so the ferry ride here was pretty rough, but totally worth it.
The island is magical. The views are so beautiful, with forests, water, mountains and beautiful houses with red roofs.
We have already visited a zoo/amusement park and a castle.
In the morning we were still in Copenhagen and we ate delicious Danish bakeries and wondered around the city.
Right now we are in a popular local fish restaurant with really good fresh fish.
I'll also add some pics.

Road trip day 1: A Night in Copenhagen

Hellooo! It's been really long since I posted last. I didn't have anything fun to write about. But now we're on our fabulous road trip! We arrived in stockholm this morning and drove all the way to Malmö in the south of Sweden. There were some very nice little villages with red Swedish houses and the nature was very beautiful to. We reached Malmö at around 6 pm and had dinner in the beautiful old town. We planned to spend the night in a tent in Malmö, but it's right next to Copenhagen, Denmark, so we decided to come here instead. There's a bridge and a tunnel between Malmö and Copenhagen and it was a very nice drive on the sea. Here we walked around the city for a little bit and then came to the famous Copenhagen tivoli. It's very beautiful here.
I'll try to add some pictures as well, but I'm writing on my phone, so I don't know if that's possible.

Xx Kaisa

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


ARGHHH!! I'm so angry right now. I spent half an hour writing this happy long post and then I wanted to add pictures, but there was this sign "Not found. Error 404" instead of the picture box and I couldn't close it, so I have to write the whole thing again:(((. It's pretty late, so I don't know, if my English is that good at the moment.
Anyways, I'm back in my home town Tallinn for a week. I plan to meet up with a lot of friends and go see a lot of movies, like I did today. I met my friend Brigitta aka Briks and we went to see Step Up 4. Step Up movies are always very fun and fascinating and this part was very good + I have been to Miami, so the views of the city were very great.
Before meeting Briks I had an Italian lesson. It was also very fun and I think I'm getting quite good at it:).
When I got home, we had guests. My relative was here with her cute little BEAGLE puppy Gen!! She is so cute and funny and also good friends with William, so we all played together. Now I want to go visit her again. I'm such a dog person. Team dogs all the way. I don't know, cats just seem so arrogant and evil and mean. Dogs are so happy and friendly and your best friends. It's so great to come home, when a cute little dog comes to greet you and is soo happy that you came.
Okay, enough about dogs. Now let's talk fashion. You already know these floral print shorts I wore today. I was choosing a top for today, when I pumped into this awesome beauty. This top's got a ruffle, studs(hell yes) and these fun spring-things I like to play with. I combined these items with my transparent turquoise bag, a light pink cardigan and a pair of pink sandals. I also had pink lipstick on. Studs are EVERYWHERE! They're on shorts, jackets, shoes(!), accessories, nails(!), collars, bags and so on. They're like the absolute must-have. You have to have studded something. Designers are very creative when it comes to studs, but I have nothing against it, so keep on studding!:)
I have to apologize for the pictures. It was already dark outside when we had time to take the pictures, so they aren't very good. Anu is in Põltsamaa at her grandmother's place and I forgot to ask Briks to take them, so my mum had to take today's pics. But you can still see most of the outfit, so here they are!

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