Friday, 19 October 2012

Inspired by S VDW

Hi dollies! Today was the last day of school!! Now we have a school holiday for a week! We're going to Stockholm in the beginning of the week with my best friends from school. It's gonna be sooo awesome, I can't wait:)
Also, something I'm looking forward to, I'm going to Italy in 20 days! That's less than three weeks. I can't even believe it. First we're gonna drive there through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria and then we'll arrive in our village on November 11th. I certainly wanna visit Milan as soon as we get there, I love that city so much.
Today I took the pictures with one of my best friends, Catu, from my class. We had so much fun taking the pictures with her and Anu and I think you can also see that on the pictures:)
I admit, I've been watching too much Gossip Girl lately. I've seen almost all the episodes twice. I'm so obsessed with the style and city in that show. My favorite is Serena Van Der Woodsen's style and she also inspired my today's look. She's always wering dresses, skirts, vests, blazers and short necklaces. Sometimes long necklaces. Of course amazing heels, which I don't have very much. And her hair is always messy and often in a ponytail. I'm not trying to imitate her style, I was just inspired by her amazing clothes. Today's trend pictures are of her. I wore a simple black dress, a long colorful necklace, my warm grey vest(which I also wore in the very first fashion post on this blog), my see-through bag, black boots and green tights. What do you guys think about the look? Would Serena ever wear something like this?:)

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

The City of Tallinn

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show you the beautiful city I was born and raised in, the capital of Estonia - Tallinn. We took the pictures on top of Linnahall, which is a big hall that's very out of repair, but I like the view and I think the place is so photogenic. I also took some pictures of our city center last weekend and I'll post those pictures too.
On the outfit photos you can see both, our beautiful old town and the modern city center. I know I always say Tallinn is small and boring etc, but it's still beautiful and feels like home. I know this city so well. I really love the city center and the Rotermann shopping area. And also, of course the medieval old town is soo beautiful and unique.
I loved the pictures so much, that(as you can see) the blog also has a new look. Tell me what you think about it. Do you like this one better or the last one r do you even remember the first look?
Yesterday we also went to see the Estonian version of the musical Spring Awakening. It was so fun and gripping.
Before the show we were in a hurry and lost, because the musical was not in the well-known theater places and Anu doesn't like being late, so she was very nervous and angry at me. She even yelled at me.
So, now about this outfit I wore yesterday. I got this beautiful vintage pleated long skirt from my aunt, who bought it at a flea market and I decided to wear it with a leather jacket, a big warm pink scarf, small studded bag and a simple black top. I also wore my new heeled boots I talked about some time ago. They're actually very comfortable and super fierce:). III don't have trend pictures today, too many pics of my home city. Enjoy and comment!

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Fall backpack obsession

Heyy! I know keep doing this and there's no way to make up for not posting in such a long time, AGAIN! But, I'll probably do a very special and supercool post tomorrow. Please visit:)
My life is the same as it was the last time I posted. Except I'm living at my dad's place. Go to school, go to the gym. Nothing very special.
I miss summer :( . The sun, the energy, the clothes:). Well, fall can be quite beautiful too with the colorful leaves, especially if it's even a little bit sunny too, but it's still not nowhere near summer. Fortunately, it's warmer in Italy and we're leaving Estonia in 27 days, I CAN'T WAIT!!!:)
Aaaaand, now about fashion. And my today's outfit. I wore a denim skirt, T-shirt, golden ring, comfy soft warm boots and a BACKPACK. I love this kind of vintage backpacks and they're sooo comfortable. I got this baby a few days ago and I couldn't wait to wear it and today I had the chance. I thinks these bags look the best with baggy clothes and messy hair and you can also see many stylings like that on today's trend pics. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Chainz and fav sweattaaa

Hi everyone!! Second day posting in a row. Yayy I'm so happy:). I hope this is how it'll be now. These pictures were actually taken over the weekend and I wore the outfit on Thursday. Sorry I didn't post them earlier. I really wanted to, but didn't have any time.
Today I baked my first official classic American cheesecake. It's still in the oven, so I don't know how it turned out yet, but it looked very good and the dough tasted great:)
Right now I'm watching LOL again. I already watched it with Anu and now with my mom. The movie is so good and it makes me both laugh and cry. I love the views of Chicago and the feeling of that city, I also love Miley Cyrus and I think she's great in it. For those who haven't seen it yet, I recommend.
Now about this outfit. I'm wearing my new favorite dark red sweater. I really love the color, it's perfect for the fall. I like that the sweater is long and with cute little gold buttons. I also wore my black leather skirt, a simple white top, cool pattern tights and a chain necklace. The pattern of the tights is also quite famous and popular, but I actually wanted to talk about chain necklaces. They're becoming a bigger trend every day. I first fell in love with these necklaces, when I saw one on Miley(again). She looks so good with her new short hairstyle and her style is even more amazing now. I'll show you some photos

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Wild & Wet

Hello y'all. This week is gonna be different. I promise, I'll try my best to post as often as possible. I'm going back to my dad's place now and Anu's here, so posting will be a lot easier.
We actually took photos of two outfits yesterday, but I forgot to post them:s. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow then.:) I have more outfits too, so this week will be very exciting!!!:)))
The weather is so bad in Tallinn. There was a huge storm a couple of days ago. Raining, raining, cold, cold. Today is no different.
We went to a spa/manor over the weekend. The manor was soo beautiful and the weekend was so relaxing. We left on Friday, so it felt like the weekend was three days long. I'll also post some instagram photos of the manor.
Now on to fashion. Today was our school's birthday, so we had to wear black and white clothes. I wore a simple black silk dress with pockets, leopard print tights(!), simple black cardigan, big feather earring, brown boots and my usual black ring and black and white bracelet. I have wanted big feather earrings for a long time now and I bought one yesterday:). I love different feathers. As you can guess, feather earrings are today's trend. They were more popular a few months ago, but they're still cute I think.

I really like the back of this dress
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