Thursday, 27 December 2012


In my last post, I talked about my trip to Genoa. After visiting that beautiful city, we drove South, to the Italian riviera. It was even warmer and sunnier than in Genoa there.
First, we drove to some small fancy villages with big villas.If I ever wanted to buy a villa in northern Italy, I would totally buy one there. It was very very beautiful.
Afterwards, we went to the little local village, where our hotel was. We stayed at a nice little villa accommodation. We arrived there when it was already dark, but the place reminded me of the hotel we stayed at in Tuscany when I was little.
The next day we visited a touristic village called Vernazza, which was right next to the sea. There were mountains even next to the sea and the little road to the village was very scary. There was also a train station at the village and that’s how all the tourists got there, but of course we didn't know that before.
The village itself was really cute, like a small Italian villageJ . And of course the view of the sea was nice. But there were too many tourists .
After Vernazza, we drove home through the town of Parma. Both, parmesan cheese and Parma ham come from this city and of course we also bought some parmesan. That’s very very good. The town wasn't very nice, it was boring. And it was dark and cold and foggy, maybe that’s why it didn't leave a good impression.
I also wanted to talk about the outfit I wore on the Vernazza-Parma day. I wore my lace shorts. I love wearing summer clothes in the winter, it’s different and fun. I matched it with a pink top, my black coat, warm knee socks, brown boots and a pair of white sunglasses.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunny Genoa

A week ago we went to Genoa, a large port city next to the Mediterranean sea, with my mom and baby brother. It’s only 250 km away from our home and we looked at the weather forecast that it was gonna be very warm, over 15 degrees there, but when we had only 50 km to go and it was still snowy and about 0 degrees, we weren't so sure about that. But after the Alp mountains ended, came the Apennine mountains and it was actually over 16 degrees and very sunny and warm in Genoa.
The city was really really really beautiful: it was right next to the sea, but there were still mountains, so the views of the hillside houses right next to water was gorgeous.
The first day, we walked around the old town part and also visited the old port. There was a children’s Christmas market in the old town and it was really really cute, so many little kids selling things they had made themselves.
The next day, we went to the Genovese aquarium, the largest in Europe. There were so many different weird fish. One species was over 2 meters long and really big and scary. I think I've been to bigger ones in Asia, but that was really awesome too.
As I've said a million times, the city was very beautiful, but the people weren't as nice as in the other Italian cities and villages we have visited. We were always scared that someone was gonna steal our stuff. But fortunately nothing like that happened.
After visiting the aquarium, we drove to the beautiful Italian riviera, which I’m gonna talk about in my next post.
I also want to talk about the outfit I wore the first day in Genoa. As it was warm and sunny, I wore a black dress, which is so basic and has served my very well. I wore a white furry vest over the dress and a black jacket over the vest. I love layering in the winter. To feel even warmer, I had woolen knee socks under brown boots. I accessorized the outfit with black bracelets, small black bag and aviator sunglasses.
Hope you like it all:

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Milano fashion post

Hi everyone! This is my last post-in-a-row and this is also the longest of the three. But don't worry, I also want to tell you about Genoa and others.

The guests that we went to lake Como(which I talked about in my last post) also wanted to go to Milano and I was thrilled about that, because y’all know I love that city endlessly. There we walked aroung the city center a little bit, visited the Duomo and Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II and we also reached via Montenapoleone. The shopping area of Montenapoleone was gooorgeous, but there were super expensive shops.
Christmas is coming!! There was a Christmas tree in front of the Milanese Duomo and it was covered with cute little red bows. We saw the tree in daylight and also when it was a little darker, when it was covered with lights and lookes very very good.
This is partly a fashion post too: we took pictures of the outfit I wore in Milan. I wore a black sweater with big holes on the sleeves. I've wanted a sweater or top like that for a very long time now and I finally bought one from the huge shopping center in Bergamo. I wore my sweater with an army-colored mini skirt, leg warmers, a big warm scarf and brown boots. I hope you like the outfit and all the other pictures:)

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lago di Como

Buon giorno! This is the second of my three posts in a row about my week here, in Italy.

After visiting Verona(which I talked about in my last post), we went shopping at an enormous center in Bergamo and our next guests came. With these two guests, we first visited lake Como, one of the 3 great Italian Alp lakes(Como, Garda and Iseo). The lakeside villages were really cute and beautiful and the coastline views were really really amazing. There we explored some villages and ate at a really good local trattoria. I have seen two of the 3 lakes and I liked Como even more than Iseo, it’s like a summer paradise and it was even sunny now, in December. I have some magnificent photos of the lake.

Afterwards, there's more Como!!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Back in Italy: Verona

Hello hello! I've now been back in Italy for a week and I visited Estonia less than two weeks ago. Now I'm going to Genoa tomorrow with my mom and baby brother!:)
There’s not much to talk about when it comes to my trip to Estonia: I studied, wrote a lot of papers, hanged out with my friends(yayy, miss them already), went to the movies, did stupid stuff at home with Anu and the 4 days went by really quickly and voila, I was back in Italy.
When I came back here, 4 guests from Estonia also came and we had two very busy days. With them, we visited some small villages in the Italian Alps and also lake Iseo. It was a very cold day and it was even snowing and we were all freezing, but the lake was sooo wonderful and we also checked out a little christmas market, which was very cute.
The next day we drove to Verona, the romantic city in Northern Italy, where Romeo and Julliet took place. None of us had never been there before and we all enjoyed the city very much. We walked around the magnificent old town and ate at a very good little restaurant. Afterwards, we visited the spectacular Roman Arena and the view from up there was really amazing. We also saw the Veronan Duomo and the beautiful view of the river that flows through this city. The last sight we visited was the house, where Julliet is said to have lived. It was just closing up, so we only got to take a little look of the house and of course take some pictures, I have A LOT of them again.

PS! I wanted to do a much longer post, but decided to cut it into three parts, so I have two more posts waiting to be posted in the next few days!

The little villages and lake Iseo:

With two Jakobs at the Christmas market

A small village next to Iseo

Lago d'Iseo 
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