Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dirty dog

Hey guys! I moved into my mom's house on Friday. And we went to pick William up yesterday. He was still at my step grandmother's country house with a huge garden and two big dogs. He lived there for a month, but now I finally have him back. So so happy:)
Yesterday my friend from class Helina came over, we stayed up 'till 2 am and finished my school interview project I've talked about. I'm so so happy with the result, but I can't post it here yet, I have to add English subtitles first.
Today all the people from my mom's restaurant are coming over for a little welcome back party. My step dad's making Italian pizza and I think we're gonna have a lot of fun:).
We went to take blog pictures with Helina and William today. Willy had been running around our yard for the whole day and I think he had dug something up, because he was extremely dirty:).
I'm wearing a khaki mini skirt with brown boots, brown bag, wool coat, black sweater, golden ring and an awesome necklace with a bull head.

Photos by: Helina

Coat, skirt, necklace: Zara, ring, sweater: H&M, bag: New Yorker, boots: Vans



  1. Looks like it's gonna be lots of fun with you guys indeed!~ Lovely :)

    Such a cute dog! Have fun dear! Happy weekend!

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  2. I love this look you look soo cute!


  3. aww so cute dog! and you look really pretty!
    Emma xx

  4. your dog is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee! love him! but also your outfit is greattttttttt fantastic. would you like to follow each other in our blog?? wil be pleasure for me to keep in touch with you. many many kissessssssss