Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Je ne m'en soucie plus

Bonjour! Today I'm feeling kinda frenchy :)
First, today in my French class we did some pronunciation exercises and the sentences have been swirling around in my head the whole day. "Dans ta tente ta tante t'attend."
Plus, I've been listening to this really cool song by a French Canadian band called Malajube. I'll share the song below.
What is more, I think my outfit is a little bit "frenchy" too. I'm wearing a big T-shirt with the text "Don't care anymore" written on it. The title of this post also means the same thing. I matched the shirt with classic tight black pants, warm wool coat, brown oxfords, a grey headband and an amazing bag by the Spanish designer Salvador Bachiller. I think the cute headband and bag with the classic Chanel strap gives it the French feeling.
The weather has been doing some tricks lately. It was very warm and sunny until yesterday. We took some cute pictures of William with the sun on Sunday. It even felt like summer was coming... Mmm... But today it's freezing cold with a very big wind and rain. Yuck. 

Photos by: My mom
Shirt, coat: Zara, pants, bracelets: H&M, shoes: Vagabond, bag: Salvador Bachiller, headband: Lindex

Câlins et baisers,



  1. Love your shirt dear!

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  2. I like the shoes, they look so nice and comfy :)

  3. your shoes are so cute!!
    Emma xx

  4. cuuuttteeee dog!!
    and your style, I love your chic style ;)
    Maybe visit my blog if you have time?
    Hope we can follow each :)

    Wulan Wu on http://bootsydoopsy.blogspot.com/