Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Introducing Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia

Hey guys! Today I'm introducing you to the little city I'm in right now.
But first, about my today's outfit. I like to call it a cross between a farmer and a sailor. I'm wearing short overalls with a striped shirt, brown bag and black sandals. It's really windy today, so it really is a great outfit. Good for cycling too.
Tere!! Täna ma tutvustan teile Pärnu linna, aga ainult inglise keeles, sest eestlased teavad ise ka Pärnut :)
Aga kõigepealt minu tänasest outfitist. Mulle meeldib öelda, et see on midagi farmeri ja meremehe vahepealset. Mul on seljas lühikesed traksipüksid, triibuline särk, pruun kott ja jalas mustad lahtised kingad. Täna on väga tuuline, nii et see on väga hea outfit. Rattaga sõitmiseks sobib ka hästi.


Overalls: Lindex/ shirt: Reserved/ bag, shoes: H&M 

And now about Pärnu

With the population of 42,000, Pärnu is the 4th most populous city in Estonia, but definitely the second most popular after the capital Tallinn.
Many people from all over Estonia and also tourists visit Pärnu in the summer because of the great big beach and overall summery feeling. The sea water in Pärnu is always warmer than in the rest of Estonia because it is located next to a bay.
It's just a 1 h 40 min drive from Tallinn:

Pärnu's city center is divided into two parts: the beach area and the old town + mall area.

The beach area has many nice cafés and is the main tourist attraction with it's sand beach and green parks.

The old town area is more popular with locals. There are three big malls, a theatre, a library, a bus station and much more. The old town itself is really small with one big street with many nice cafés.

The most famous street of Pärnu, Supeluse connects the two parts of the city center:

But there are many more nice spots in Pärnu.

Like this big park. The Pärnu river flows through it, there are the Tallinn gates and there's also this square where most of the concerts in Pärnu are held:

But there are also jetties:

And this beautiful Ammende Villa:

Photos by: Anu & Kaisa

These are some things in Pärnu, but there are many more beautiful spots to discover in this little Estonian town.



  1. Wow that beautiful place .. The photos are so beautiful.

  2. The overalls are so cute and what an amazing city!

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  4. I've never been to Estonia, but I've heard good things! And it certainly looks lovely! Love your outfit too!

  5. You look so pretty, dear! :D I love your dungaree!

  6. I love your style :)

  7. such a beautiful place! you have great hair!

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  8. Wow you look really cute!! And all places where you were taking pictures are amazing!! ;>>

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  9. Certainly a place that I would love to be! The imagery is so invinting! You look adorable! :*