Wednesday, 23 January 2013

2 days, 2 outfits, 1 amazing city: Venice

Hello! Yesterday and the day before yesterday we visited Venice, which is only 250 km away from our house.
We arrived there on Monday at around two o’clock after having lunch at a little Chinatown nearby. We parked our car at a huge parking lot next to the border of the city, because there are no cars allowed in the actual city of Venice. Then we started walking to our hotel, which was on the San Marco island on the other side of the city. We had so many heavy bags and the weather wasn't very nice, but the little canals, gondolas and the architecture of the city were all so beautiful that the bags and weather didn't even bother us.
When we finally arrived at our hotel, we got a nice surprise that our room had been upgraded to a luxury room. The room was very beautiful with a nice little balcony right over a canal. We took so many pictures on that balcony.
Afterwards we did a little city tour: visited the big San Marco piazza and walked around the little islands. Later we ate pizza at a nice little restaurant and drank hot chocolate at a bar.
The next day we of course walked around the city more: visited the big and famous Rialto bridge, Santa Maria church, rode on a boat on the grand canal.
We also met a family, who had a big palace in Venice and they invited us to their home. The house was amazing. There lived the mother of the family, who was over 90 years old.
And now about my outfits. The first day I wore my new black and white striped blazer with black pants, a black top with little sparkles, my new black boots with studs, a black ring and a silver ring + my black studded bag.
The second day I wore a little bit more interesting outfit: a beige skirt, denim top, furry white vest, colorful knee socks and the black boots.
PS! We’re driving back to Estonia on Friday, so I guess this is my last post from Italy. I’m so sad to leave :(

Click for more pictures of my two outfits and the amazing Venice

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Holidays & Anu in Italy

Hey guys! The holidays were very busy here, we had sooo many guests. Even Anu visited me! I'm so sad, she's gone. We had so much fun together.
Although it was last year, I still want to tell you about my Christmas and New Year's Eve too.
On Christmas day we had a family from Estonia visiting us and we drove to Lake Garda together. I have some pictures from there. It was really gorgeous.
Later we cooked dinner and went to the midnight Mass (liturgy) at the local church. I like seeing how other cultures live and celebrate their holidays, so that was very interesting.
Anu came a few days after Christmas and with her we visited Lake Garda again, celebrated New Year's and also visited Bergamo, Milan and Turin.
On New Year's Eve we were at a little pizzeria in the mountains next to Lake Iseo. We eat at that place quite often and the food there is really great. The best part of the evening was that I was with my sister and we were together at midnight and wrote new year's resolutions together.
We did some shopping and little city tours in both, Bergamo and Milan. We went to these cities alone and I'm happy that I've gotten to know the cities so well in such a short time.
We went to Turin with Anu, my mum and little brother. Non of us had ever been there before. The city was very impressive and big. It used to be the capital of Italy. There's a church with a big tower there and that's the symbol of Turin.
PS! We're going to Venice tomorrow, I'm super excited and I'm definitely gonna do a post about it.
We took some outfit pictures at the Milan central station. I wore a country girl outfit: a plaid shirt, brown boots, brown leather earrings, dark jeans, brown boots and brown bag.
Enjoy the pictures!:)

You know what to do for more pictures:)