Tuesday, 29 October 2013

London part 1

Last week I visited London, UK! I went there with my mother and without my little 1 year and 4 months old brother. It was my mum's first time travelling without him.
We were in London from Monday to Wednesday, so for 2 nights, 1 full day and two half days. It was a really quick and intense trip.
This post is about our second day there, the full day. Then we went shopping on Oxford street and did some touristic sightseeing. Luckily we reached Oxford street quite early in the morning(about 10 o'clock) and it wasn't very crowded yet, but by the afternoon it was full of people.
When we had tired ourselves with shopping, we walked from Oxford street to Westminster to see the Big Ben. Neither of us are very good at finding something in a strange city, so we got a little bit lost. But we were still able to reach the Palace of Westminster. Although I had seen it before, it was breathtaking and spectacular.
After seeing the Big Ben, we took the tube to the Tower of London and Tower bridge, because we just couldn't walk any more. I hadn't seen these two sight before and I really liked Tower bridge. We reached it when it was just starting to get dark, so the light were already on and it was beautiful. Near the bridge we could also see two famous skyscrapers - the Shard and the Gherkin.
After the exhausting day we ate at a Jamie Oliver's restaurant near our hotel and went to sleep early, about 9 o'clock local time.
Eelmisel nädalal külastasin ma Londonit, Inglismaad! Ma käisin seal koos oma emaga ja ilma oma väikese aasta ja neljakuuse vennata. Mu ema oli esimest kora ilma temata reisil.
Me olime Londonis esmaspäevast kolmapäevani, seega 2 ööd, ühe terve päeva ja kaks poolikut päeva. See oli väga kiire ja intensiivne reis.
See postitus on meie teisest, tervest päevast seal. Siis me käisime Oxford street'il šoppamas ja külastasime turistilikult vaatamisväärsusi. Õnneks jõudsime me Oxford street'ile üpris vara hommikul(umbes 10 ajal) ja seal ei olnud veel eriti palju inimesi, aga pärastlõunaks oli tänav paksult rahvast täis.
Kui me olime ennast šoppamisega ära väsitanud, jalutasime Oxford street'ilt Westminsterisse Big Ben'i vaatama. Me kumbki ei ole eriit hea võõras linnas orienteerumises, nii et me eksisime natukene ära. Aga õnneks jõudsime ikkagi kohale. Kuigi ma olin Big Beni varem näinud, oli see ikkagi väga võimas.
Peale Big Ben'i vaatamist sõitsime me metrooga Tower of Londonit ja Tower Bridge'i vaatama, sest me ei jaksanud lihtsalt enam ühtegi kilomeetrit kõndida. Ma ei olnud neid vaatamisväärsusi varem näinud ja mulle meeldis Tower bridge väga. Me jõudsime selleni siis, kui hakkas juba vaikselt pimedaks minema ja kõik tuled olid juba põlema pandud ning see oli imekaunis. Silla juurest nägime ka kahte kuulsat pilvelõhkujat - the Shard'i ja the Gherkin'it.
pärast seda ülimalt väsitavat päeva sõime oma hotelli lähedal asuvas Jamie Oliveri restoranis ja läksime vara magama(kohaliku aja järgi 9 ajal).

Probably the most touristic shot you can take in London:)

Monday, 28 October 2013

A tad nerdy

Hii! I am now back from London and back at school, our little break is over. The first day was already so tiring and my first lesson starts at 8 am every day, waaaayyy too early :(
My London trip was so cool and I already want to go back :) The post about London is currently in the making and will be posted very soon.
Today I tried this new trend I noticed in London - wearing a collared shirt under a sweater. I think they make such a cool kind of nerdy look.
Tsauu! Ma olen nüüd Londonist tagasi ja tagasi koolis, väike vaheajake ongi läbi. Esimene päev oli juba nii väsitav ja meil hakkavad iga päev tunnid kell 8, liiiiga vara :(
Mu Londoni-tripp oli nii lahe ja ma tahan juba tagasi minna :) Postitus Londoni kohta on mul juba tegemises ja saab varsti postitatud.
Täna ma proovisin ühte uut trendi, mida ma Londonis märkasin - kanda triiksärgi kampsuni all. Minu arust tekitasid nad väga laheda natuke nohkliku look'i.

Wearing: Shirt, pants: Zara/ sweater, bag, bracelets: H&M/ shoes: Vans

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Trip to Italy: Pisa

This is my last post about the trip to Italy. My family went to Sardinia by car(from Estonia!!) a week before me and I flew there a week later. But we came back together by car.
One night we went from Sardinia to Livorno, Tuscany by ship. The ship shook a lot and it was quite hard to sleep. We reached Livorno early in the morning and made the first stop in Pisa. Mostly just to take a look at the leaning tower of Pisa :) . There we ate breakfast and met a nice local man, the owner of the café where w had breakfast and walked around the city a bit. The famous tower and cathedral were very beautiful and cool and the rest of the city was also very cute and had the Italian feeling.
Next we drove to the North and stayed at our friends' restaurant/hotel for a night in the Alpine mountains (near the village where we lived last year). And the next morning we started driving towards Estonia. It was my family's 6th(!!!) and my third time to drive that distance. There was a lot of traffic on the motorway in Germany near Munich, because Octoberfest had just ended there.
We didn't take any sleeping breaks and reached Tallinn the next evening.
See on mu viimane postitus Itaalia reisi kohta. Mu perekond läks Sardiiniasse autoga(Eestist!!) nädal varem kui mina ja ma lendasin neile nädala pärast järele. Aga me tulime koos autoga tagasi.
Ühel öösel me läksime laevaga Sardiiniast Livornosse, Toscanasse. Laev raputas õudsasti ja magada oli päris raske. Me jõudsime varahommikul Livornosse ja tegime esimese peatuse Pisas. Põhiliselt sellepärast, et viltune Pisa torn üle vaadata :) . Seal me sõime ka hommikust ja kohtusime toreda kohaliku mehega, selle kohviku, kus me hommikust sõime, omanikuga, ja jalutasime natuke linnas ringi. Kuulus torn ja katedral olid väga võimsad ja lahedad ning ülejäänud linn oli ka väga armas ning sellel oli see Itaalia tunne.
Järgmiseks sõidsime Põhja-Itaaliasse ja peatusime ühe öö Alpides oma tuttavate restoran/hotellis(selle küla lähedal, kus me eelmisel aastal elasime). Ja järgmisel hommikul hakkasime Eesti poole kihutama. See oli mu perekonna kuues(!!!) ja minu kolmas kord seda juppi sõita. Kiirteel Müncheni lähedal olid suured ummikud, sest seal oli just Oktooberfest lõppenud.
Me ei teinud ühtegi magamispeatust ja jõudsime järgmiseks õhtuks Tallinnasse.

Can you find me?:)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Amore per la Sardegna II: Motorcycles, Olbia & Golfo Aranci

We were actually in Sardinia because there was this big motorcycle race ISDE (International Six Days of Enduro) and my stepfather has a company which sells products for riders. We spent a lot of time at the paddock (a big square where there were a lot of tents and where everyone hanged out). I even changed some tires!
The paddock was in Olbia so we also explored this city. It is the forth most populous city in Sardinia. Olbia has a nice little old town and harbour.
On the last day in Sardinia we also visited Golfo Aranci, a small village near Olbia. It was also a nice little town with a great view of the sea and a small port.
Me olime Sardiinias tegelikult sellepärast, et seal oli suur mootorrattavõistlus ISDE (International Six Days of Enduro) ja mu kasuisal on firma, mis müüb sõitjatele mõeldud tooteid. Me veetsime palju aega võistlusplatsil ehk Paddockil. Ma vahetasin isegi rehve!
Paddock asus Olbias, nii et me käisime ka mööda seda linna ringi. Olbia on ´rahvaarvult Sardiinia neljas linn. Olbias on ilus väike vanalinn ja sadam.
Viimasel päeval Sardiinias külastasime me Golfo Arancit, väikest külakest Olbia lähedal. See oli ka armas väike linnake ilusa merevaate ja pisikese sadamaga.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Amore per la Sardegna I: Porto Cervo, the beach & our hotel

In the end of September-beginning of October I went on a trip to the lovely island of Sardinia, Italy. I'm sorry about making a post about it so late, but I was really busy at school and my mum had the pictures and I just got them yesterday. This is the first of my three posts about the trip.
We were staying at a wonderful hotel with a big pool and delicious breakfast near the city of Olbia. The island was so beautiful with many mountains and nice Mediterranean coastline. The weather was also superb - about 25-30°C, sunny and with nice cooling wind.
This post is mostly about our visit to a gorgeous harbour town Porto Cervo, the main centre of the Costa Smeralda area. The village has very unique architecture and a big port with many fabulous yachts.
In Porto Cervo I wore my Zara skort. I bought it in Barcelona in the beginning of September, but I couldn't wear it in Estonia due to the weather, so I loved wearing it in Sardinia. I love how the skort is like a skirt, but with a tomboyish touch. I combined it with a soft and sweet light pink top.
Some exciting news! I'm going to London TOMORROW. I'm so happy and can't wait for the adventure. I was sick in the end of the school week and I'm still a little bit sick, so I hope I'll be well by tomorrow.
Septembri lõpus - oktoobri alguses käisin ma reisil Itaalias imeilusal Sardiinia saarel. Ma vabandan, et sellest alles praegu postituse teen, aga mul oli koolis väga palju tegemist ja pildid olid mu ema käes, ma sain need alles eile kätte. See on esimene kolmest postitusest selle reisi kohta.
Me peatusime suurepärases suure basseini ja maitsva hommikusöögiga hotellis Olbia linna lähedal. See saar oli imeilus paljude mägede ja ilusa Vahemere-äärse rannajoonega. Ilm oli ka suurepärane - umbes 25-30°C, päikeseline ja mõnusa jahutava tuulega.
See postitus on põhiliselt meie külastusest imekaunisse sadamalinnakesse Porto Cervosse, Costa Smeralda piirkonna põhikeskusesse. Sellel külal on väga eriline arhitektuur ja suur sadam uhkete jahtidega.
Porto Cervos oli mul seljas Zara skort(püksseelik). Ma ostsin selle septembri alguses Barcelonast, aga Eestis ei saanud seda ilma tõttu kanda, seega meeldis mulle seda Sardiinias väga kanda. Mulle meeldib, kuidas see on nagu seelik, aga natuke poisiliku tundega. Ma kombineerisin selle lihtsa ja armsa heleroosa särgiga.
Põnevad uudised! Ma lähen HOMME Londonisse. Ma olen nii rõõmus ja ei suuda seda seiklust ära oodata. Ma olin koolinädala lõpus haige ja olen praegu veel ka natuke haige, aga ma loodan homseks terve olla.

Wearing: skort: Zara/ top: Vero Moda/ sunglasses, shoes: H&M/ watch: Fossil

This is the song of this trip for me, because it was on the radio a lot and stuck in my head all the time