My name is Kaisa Hanna Parel. I was born on February 1st 1998(age 15) in the Nordic city of Tallinn, Estonia. But I don't think I'll be staying here after finishing school.
I'm in 9th class in Tallinn Secondary Science School, but I think I'll go to a different high school.
I've been blogging since May 2012. I started because I'm obsessed with fashion and clothes. The most important thing in my life right now is my blog. Here I write about my life, the outfits I'm wearing and different trends in the fashion world. I love mixing fun stuff together like sweet fabrics with leather and studs and so on. I also try to follow the biggest trends of New York and Paris.
I'm also passionate about traveling. I've been traveling with my parents since I was a baby and it's my favorite thing in the whole world. My favorite places I've visited are of course the fashion capitals New York, Paris, London and Milan, but I also love Venice(Italy), Miami, little islands of Thailand and the big historical cities in Europe like Vienna and Rome. This year I lived in Italy in a small town called Villa d'Ogna near Bergamo.
I'm also obsessed with animals. Espacially dogs. I have a small white West Highland Terrier William, who I love so so much. I'm also a vegetarian, because I feel so sorry for the animals. If you eat them, then you should be able to kill them.
I think a lot about my future. I picture myself living in NYC going to college studying fashion journalism. I hope this blog has lots of readers then too, because I truly love it and I've always dreamed about fashion blogging in the great city. I also want to work at a fabulous fashion magazine, do some modeling and of course travel a lot. Like, A LOT :). Maybe I'll live in Paris for some time too as it's also one of my favorite cities.


For questions and other things:

Twitter: @VoyagerFashion
Instagram: KaisaHanna
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Hope you have fun on my blog,
xxox Kaisa

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